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Trump Says Christie Won't Run



    Trump Says Christie Won't Run
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    Donald Trump says he personally thinks it's too late for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to throw his hat into the presidential ring this time around.

    Donald Trump says Herman Cain should be “very proud of himself” for how well he’s doing in the 2012 race and believes that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie won’t run.

    “I mean, Herman Cain started with very little and look where he’s come and he’s doing really well in the polls. I think he’s done a really terrific job. I look forward to meeting him,” Trump said on Fox News Monday morning ahead of his meeting with Cain set for later in the day. “He just seems like a really nice guy and a good character to me.”

    Trump, the real estate mogul who had toyed with the idea of jumping in the GOP field, wasn’t ready to make an endorsement quite yet, noting he’s “impressed differently with all of them” and that he feels “honored” they choose to visit Trump Tower.

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently met with Trump in New York.

    As for the rumors that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is considering a White House bid despite his many previous public denials, Trump said he would prefer that the governor stay put in his current post. 

    “I know him probably as well as anybody, and he’s a great guy — he’s doing a great job,” Trump said. “I own a lot of property in New Jersey, and I sort of don’t want him to run. He’s doing a good job in New Jersey.”

    Trump also predicted, “I think it’s very late, and I personally don’t think he’s going to run.”