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Trump: I Would Spend "A Lot" on '12 Bid



    Trump: I Would Spend "A Lot" on '12 Bid
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    Donald Trump says he is prepared to "spend a lot" on a presidential bid.

    Donald Trump, the flamboyant media mogul whose fortune is valued at $2.7 billion by Forbes magazine, tells NBC New York he is prepared to "spend a lot" on a potential presidential bid.

    Trump said in an interview Monday that he could pour a hefty amount of cash into a Republican campaign for the White House.

    "I have a lot and I would spend a lot if I needed to do that," he said.

    Trump, 64, would not say whether he would self-finance or raise money for a campaign.

    The reality television star has said for months he is considering a bid for the Republican nomination in 2012, and hints that he will announce his decision in June -- which happens to be when his latest "Celebrity Apprentice" season concludes.

    Trump also took the opportunity Monday to criticize President Barack Obama's timing for his launch of a re-election campaign Monday.

    "I think the timing wasn't so good, when you're in the middle of a budget crisis and then you're announcing you're going to be running," Trump said. "So I think he could've waited for a better time."