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Tenn. Pol Mad About Tourist Gun Arrest Warns NYers to Watch Speed

Rep. Frank Niceley tells the city to use “common sense” in the prosecution of Meredith Graves, a Tennessee tourist who tried to check a loaded gun at the 9/11 memorial.



    Tenn. Pol Mad About Tourist Gun Arrest Warns NYers to Watch Speed
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    A Tennessee legislator is proposing a motion that would target New York drivers caught speeding in his state in apparent retribution for the city busting a tourist who, unfamiliar with the Big Apple’s strict gun laws, brought a loaded pistol to ground zero.

    Meredith Graves, a 39-year-old registered nurse, and her husband drove to New York for a job interview and stopped to pay their respects at the 9/11 memorial. Graves, who has a full legal carry permit in her home state of Tennessee, tried to check the loaded pistol with NYPD officers once she saw a sign prohibiting weapons on the premises.

    She was arrested and charged with second-degree weapons possession.

    Tennessee Rep. Frank Niceley urged New York to use “common sense” in prosecuting the woman, who claims she didn’t know her Tennessee permit was void in New York, reports the Daily News.

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    The end of his motion reads, “Be it further resolved that we remind the citizens of New York, especially those residing in New York City, to drive carefully through the great State of Tennessee, paying extra attention to our speed limits."   

    Though the resolution, even if passed, would have no legal bearing, Niceley told the News his good-natured threat was merely a humorous attempt to get New York’s attention.

    The Bloomberg administration wasn’t laughing.

    “We agree, everyone should use common sense – which is what prosecutors in New York do,” Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna told the News. “Common sense also includes checking gun laws before traveling – something even the NRA tells people to do.”

    Graves is due back in court March 19.