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5 Torahs Stolen from Brooklyn Synagogue

Scrolls valued at up to $50,000 apiece



    5 Torahs Stolen from Brooklyn Synagogue
    This wasn't the Torah that was stolen, but they are extremely valuable.

    Someone slipped into a synagogue in Brooklyn overnight and stole five scrolls of Hebrew scripture.

    Police say it appears the burglar came in through an open window at the Karlsberg Synagogue on 53rd Street in Borough Park  and took the five torahs from a safe that had been left unlocked.

    The torahs are valued at between $30, 000 and $50,000 dollars each, but are priceless to the congregation. 

    "It is the holiest thing that we have in the synagogue," said one member.  "Now the shul is empty. Everybody is very hurt by this." 

    NYPD detectives spent much of the day looking for evidence and canvassing the neighborhood for possible witnesses, but so far they have not made any arrests or identified any suspects.