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Too Vicious To Save?

Animal Rescuers Get Death Threats Over Dog's Demise



    Too Vicious To Save?
    Oreo Euthanized

    The ASPCA says some of it's staffers have been getting death threats since the organization's decision last week to euthanize a dog at the center of a highly publicized animal abuse case.

    Oreo the dog was thrown from the roof of a sixth story apartment building in Brooklyn in July.  Both her legs were broken.  The ASPCA rescued Oreo and nursed her back to health, but last week they decided she was un-adoptable and had to be euthanized.

    The ASPCA claims Oreo was too vicious and couldn't be tamed.  But when word of Oreo's fate started to circulate, local animal lovers became angry.  According to the ASPCA's Senior Vice President, staffers have been threatened.

    The ASPCA released a video tape of Oreo's assessment test to show how aggressive Oreo had become.  The organization also says it took the unprecedented step of bringing in an outside animal behavior expert to give an independent opinion on whether Oreo could be adopted out.

    Oreo's Fate Sealed in Video Assessment

    [NY] Oreo's Fate Sealed in Video Assessment
    A video assessment of Oreo shows the dog was not only aggressive to other dogs, but also toward her handlers.
    (Published Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009)

    The video shows Oreo was aggressive, not just to other dogs, but also to her handlers.  The ASPCA says it simply had no choice but to put Oreo down.

    The 19-year-old accused of throwing Oreo off the building was convicted of several animal cruelty charges and is serving time in jail.