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Too Much Snow, Not Enough Snow Days



    Too Much Snow, Not Enough Snow Days
    Josh Cingranelli
    A snow plow clearing I-395 in Lisbon.

    With another snow storm on the horizon, school districts north of the city are facing the end of alloted snow days.

    The Stamford School district has 4 snow days built into the school year and has already used 3.

    "We're running out of days," said Stamford Superintendent Joshua Starr.  "...and we don't know what else the winter may bring so I just want folks to be prepared that we may have to make decisions that will make it tough for travel plans."

    At a Stamford School Board meeting Starr warned that it was time to figure out how to make up the days if and when it becomes necessary. 

    White Plains is in a similar bind.  They've already used all 3 of their built in snow days.  Now they are considering the same measures as Stamford: either take days away from spring break in April or away from summer break at the end of the school year.

    Spring break is tricky with Easter, Good Friday and Passover falling in the same week.  Starr says schools will allow parents to keep students home for religious reasons if they end up taking days out of the April vacation.