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Too Many Single Ladies, Too Much Perfume

Want a date? Stop masking your natural scent



    Too Many Single Ladies, Too Much Perfume
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    If you're a woman looking for love in and around New York City and you can't find a date, don't worry. You're not alone.

    For many women, finding “Mr. Right” is getting tougher and tougher.

    "Definitely it's been a hard task. The guys you find in a bar can go out another night and find another girl, so there's no stability there," says Alicia Steele who has lived in the city for three years.

    Steele is a hotel executive who lives in Manhattan and loves playing golf. Her assessment of the dating pool:

    "There are 8 million people. Let's say 4 million are guys, 2 million are married, 1 million are gay and the other million is so stubborn they can't even say hi to a girl."

    The odds are against single women. The American Community Survey shows there's more than 200,000 single women than single men in the New York City metropolitan area.

    "As a guy I think there's always opportunity to meet women there's certainly plenty of them in the city," says Daynan Crull, who says he’s happy to be single in a city where he can meet someone new every time he turns a corner

    "Easy to find, just hard to hook them," says Marta Chapman who is studying nursing while bar-tending five nights a week.  

    Chapman says every guy is looking for what she calls: “B-B-D” the bigger, better deal. 

    "Bigger taller bigger boobs bigger bank accounts, blonder hair,” says Chapman

    But dating expert Donna Barnes advises her clients to think positively.

    "I think a woman has to believe it's not tougher for her to date in New York City. She has to believe she's incredible ,very attractive, and full of confidence. You are what you think you are,” says Barnes

    She divulged some of her secret tips for women.

    "Perfume's not such a great idea. And less is more when it comes to sexy, subtly sexy or conservatively sexy is much more attractive. You want to leave something to the imagination.”

    Barnes says the theory behind no perfume comes from new research, which shows humans are attracted to each other by their scent just like animals. If you wear perfume it masks your natural scent.