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Tips Before You Crank Up the AC



    There's a few things to keep in mind before cranking up the AC in your home or apartment. (Published Thursday, June 2, 2011)

    With temperatures climbing, folks across the tri-state are cranking up the air conditioning inside their homes -- and some are finding the units aren't working quite as well as they should.
    When Lonnie Maron of Bay Shore went to click on his air conditioning switch recently, he realized he was in big trouble.

    There was an electrical short inside the unit. "This past weekend I had to call for air conditioning," he said.

    Maron enlisted help from Long Island's NH Ross plumbing and electrical company who had some helpful hints for getting more out of you unit.

    "Soon as the temperatures go up to 82 degrees or so, the phones just start ringing off the wall," said Neil Ross, President of NH Ross Inc.

    Ross says checking your AC units is a must - especially for those with serious health problems.

    "People that have problems breathing, asthma hay fever and heart problems," said Ross. "We try to give those precedent over other calls."

    So, how can you get the best out of your AC and save money at the same time?
    "The filters inside need to be changed and you need to check those out at least once a month," said Ross.

    Morano said people should watch the temperatures on their thermostat.

    "Saving money? Probably 78 degrees," said Morano.

    Ross also said it's important to keep the area clear at all times around your outdoor unit so the AC can give its best performance.

    For those living in apartment buildings, it is advised that you call a maintenance department or  super before starting your AC.