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The Definitive Sneak Peak at MTV's Next 'Jersey Shore' Shoot



    Welcome Back Snooki

    Jersey Shore cast comes back to their summer home. (Published Tuesday, May 18, 2010)

    Snooki and 'The Situation' may be partying in South Beach right now, but the Jersey Shore is gearing up for their return and the taping of a second season of, well, yes, MTV's "Jersey Shore."

    And the show's Executive Producer, Sally Ann Salsano of 495 Productions, offered NBC New York a very candid behind the scenes look at the pop culture phenomenon that became the cable network's number one rated show last winter.

    "I was probably most like Snooki in my day. I was definitely like the wild partyer, that kind of girl," admitted Salsano.

    She's a Long Island girl of Italian heritage who said despite the controversy over the use of  "guido" and "guidette" describes herself as exactly that--a "guidette."

    And among her friends, she added that is a badge of honor, not something to hide.

    "All these kids still live at home," Salsano said of the cast now shooting on location in South Beach in Florida.

    Why did they pick Miami Beach? Because "That's where the club scene is that they're used to," she said.

    The house where Season One was shot is still an icon that draws people every day.

    When we were there, we asked Mike Litterus, 18 of Hackensack, N.J. what he would ask Salsano.

    His response,  "I'd ask how I can get on there."

    "Just be yourself," said Salsano.

    She quickly added, "At the end of the day anyone who has a plan on how to get on the show will not make it."

    Filip Zalewski, 17, of Elmwood Park, N.J. asked "How real is it, is it scripted?"

    No way said Salsano. "If they're going to the gym, I'm(her crew) going to the gym. If they're going to the beach, I'm going to the beach. It is a one thousand per cent nonscripted show," she stated.

    There have been plenty of rumors that the entire crew will be replaced next year for Season Three.

    Salsano said "That's not entirely true."

    There will be "carryovers" among the crew, as Salsano drew on her own experiences down the Jersey Shore.

    "When you go down every summer, not everyone can take off work, not everyone can afford it. Like it's kind of a mixed bag of who makes it back so I think we're in that same scenario," said Salsano.

    But she wouldn't predict who among the cast will  still be there next year.

    Salsano acknowledged the other controversy over the show and how two cast members have now been accused of assault--one in Seaside Heights last summer, the other coming a few days ago in South Beach.

    "I'm truly shooting a documentary," said Salsano. "If you break the law, there's consequences for them."

    As for Seaside Heights, businesses there have fully embraced a show that depicts, well, shall we say the raw energy of a typical Jersey Shore summer?

    "We had people from out of state who had no idea where Seaside Heights was, come and ask 'where's the house.'" said arcade and restaurant owner Wayne Cimorelli.

    And Salsano said she's doubling her investment.

    Twice as many support staff, 150 workers, will be spending nearly two months in Seaside Heights.

    Instead of the $4 million that was spent last summer, 495 Productions and MTV expect to spend $8 million this year, with the first show airing "TBD," according to Salsano.

    But the Miami Beach shoot will make air starting July 29th.