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Terror Training Suspect Still Jailed

FBI arrested Adis Medunjanin last week



    Terror Training Suspect Still Jailed
    Adis Medunjanin (far left) is due in court today.

    A Queens man under investigation for his links to terror suspect Najibullah Zazi will remain behind bars without bail while facing charges related to terror suspect Najibullah Zazi.
    Adis Medunjanin had pleaded not guilty last week in Brooklyn federal court to charges he flew to Pakistan to get military training from al-Qaida.

    Prosecutors said that Medunjanin, along with Zazi and Zarein Ahmedzay, who was also arrested last week, traveled to the country together in August 2008. All three attended high school together and lived for years in the same Queens neighborhood.
    Medunjanin, a Bosnian immigrant, made a brief appearance in court Thursday, but his lawyer didn't ask for bail. He's due back on Jan. 19.

    Zazi, a Colorado airport driver, has been under arrest since September, charged with getting explosives training from al-Qaida and later hatching a foiled plot to attack targets in New York with homemade bombs. He pleaded not guilty to those charges.