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Teen's Battle Cry Against Suicide: P.S. I Love You

Long Island high school student who lost father to suicide looks to help others.



    Teen's Battle Cry Against Suicide: P.S. I Love You

    A Long Island teenager who lost her father to suicide has created a special YouTube video designed to offer support for those struggling with depression.

    Brooke DiPalma, 15, has also started "P.S. I Love You" day at schools around the New York area. 

    Students and teachers have pledged to wear something purple on Feb. 10 as a sign of love for those battling personal demons.

    "The very last words I said to my dad were I love you," said DiPalma, of West Islip.  "Those simple words can just be so powerful to a person and change their life."

    DiPalma's father, retired NYPD officer Joseph, Jr., battled depression and took his own life in April 2010.  Rather than hide that family tragedy, his daughter has taken the opportunity to help others.

    "I was really upset one night and I was thinking about everything that happened to me and my dad always looked for the positive," said DiPalma.

    The West Islip High School sophomore posted her "P.S. I Love You" YouTube video about a week ago.  It has already registered close to 12,000 hits. 

    It features no spoken words -- just DiPalma holding handwritten cards expressing thoughts like "every suicide is preventable" and "you are not alone."

    "I thought of the saying, 'P.S., I Love You' as a little reminder that, by the way, I love you, you're amazing you're needed in this world and you're loved," she said.

    Teachers and classmates at West Islip High School have helped DiPalma try to spread her message of love and support.

    "It's a small gesture, wearing purple; but, it speaks volumes," said teacher Jen Burlandi.

    "Sometimes people just need a reminder in life," said student Caitlin Cosentino.