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Man on Bike Throws Bricks at Homes, Cars in Teaneck: Police

It's not clear why the unidentified man on a bike is throwing bricks at homes and cars in Teaneck



    The vandal has been riding around throwing bricks at people's homes. Ida Siegal reports. (Published Tuesday, May 27, 2014)

    Teaneck police say a man on a bicycle has been throwing bricks and shattering windows on homes and cars around the community.

    Nearly a dozen incidents were reported late Monday night. One of the victims told NBC 4 New York said he heard the brick smash his window at about 11:30 p.m. 

    "I heard a noise and I said to my wife, 'Did you hear that?'" said Tom Schaitberger. "I opened the door and I come out here and I go, 'God, look at this.'"

    Schaitberger called the police, and they told him the incident appeared to be part of a pattern. Police say a man over the age of 18 is riding a bike through the neighborhood and throwing bricks. It's not clear why. 

    One 18-year-old woman was home during one of the brick-throwing incidents and was hit either a brick of piece of glass, but was not badly injured, according to reports. 

    "I can't understand why people get a kick out of destroying somebody else's property," said Schaitberger. "I just can't." 

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