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Teacher Steals $20, Quits Her $94,996 Job

Even the principal's wallet wasn't off-limits



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    A Connecticut woman quit her teaching job that paid $94,996 just after she was caught in a police sting stealing $20 from another teacher’s purse, according to authorities.

    Susan Dinnean, 55, of Redding, Conn., told police she planned to return the money. 

    Middlebrook Middle School, in Wilton, got a math lesson in basic subtraction after teacher reported two $50 bills were stolen from her wallet in mid-October, reports the Stamford Advocate

    Less than a week later, on Oct. 21, the same teacher called police to report that another $70 was gone from her purse.

    So police set up an undercover camera in the room. When police came to review the tape, they discovered a woman crouching down then sticking something in her pocket -- and $20 was gone from the purse being watched. 

    Police and the school principal confronted Dinnean, and she allegedly admitted taking money from other teachers and even from the principal’s purse.

    Her 22-year career as a teacher ended Monday. She was arrested Tuesday on three counts of larceny and posted a $2,500 bond.