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Tattletale Gotti Juror Points Fingers at No. 7

Singles out female juror in rant to judge about seating, smoking and deliberations



    Tattletale Gotti Juror Points Fingers at No. 7
    Gotti is concerned that the diva juror mistook his attorney for a notorious mob assassin.

    Sparks are flying at the fourth racketeering trial of John "Junior" Gotti, but for once, the drama has nothing to do with the defendant.

    The most recent theatrics stem from one tetchy juror who wrote an anonymous letter to the judge to complain about the behavior of another.

    "One of the black female jurors who sits on the first row from the bottom and the first seat that faces the defense team" – aka Juror No. 7 -- uses foul language and creates a hostile jury environment, gets mad if she doesn't have a prime seat and goes all googly-eyed for the defense team, especially Gotti's attorney Charles Carnesi, whom the "concerned juror" mistakenly referred to as "Charles Carneglia" – a notorious mob assassin – in the rant received by Judge Kevin Castel yesterday.

    The two-page, singled-spaced diatribe was replete with accusations against Juror No. 7. If the jury has to eat a meal in the court facility, for example, you should see what happens if this allegedly potty-mouthed juror doesn't like what is being served, the accusing panelist wrote to the judge in the letter obtained by The New York Post.

    "She gets very nasty with Flo as if Flo is responsible for what is being served," the tattletale, who identified his or herself only as "concerned juror," wrote.

    Sorry, "concerned juror," but Gotti is standing trial on murder and racketeering charges – for the fourth time. We don't want Flo's feelings to be hurt, but doesn't the judge have more important things to worry about?

    Yeah, like fried squid, apparently. The snitch accuses Juror No. 7 of placing an order of calamari TO GO on the court's tab when the jury went out for lunch last week. A little snack to take home at the court's expense? Some nerve.

    And the gall of this woman doesn't end there, the diva juror complains. She plans on making the rest of the jurors deliberate past Christmas!

    "She intends to take her time reviewing all the facts and she is not going to allow any f----- body to rush her to a decision," the drama queen juror writes in the letter. "Apparently she is looking forward to being put up in a hotel. She has made numerous remarks about how much she loves being on jury duty because it keeps her away from her job. She loves being escorted for her cigarette breaks, feels like a movie star and loves the attention."

    We get it. No one wants a juror with a sense of entitlement. But still.

    Judge Castel didn't appear overly concerned about the calamari or the alleged threats about deliberating past Christmas, but he did say he was troubled by the allegation that the juror in question spoke to other panelists about the dismissal of another juror from the case, which the jurors were explicitly told not to do, reports the Post. But Castel asked the other jurors if they'd heard anything and no one said they did, the paper says.