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TSA Agent at JFK Accused of Having Sex With Teen



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    A TSA supervisor at JFK Airport is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl on a trip to the Dominican Republic, authorities said.
    The agent was arrested Friday trying to board a plane to the Dominican Republic.

    According to the criminal complaint, the agent took a trip to Santo Domingo in early January.
    Two 15-year-old girls there say they were approached by a Dominican man in a park who offered them money and gifts if they would come with him.
    They got into his van, and the TSA agent and another Dominican man were inside, the complaint says.
    The victims told authorities the men asked how old they are and they told him they were 15.
    The men then drove them to another beach, but stopped on the way to pick up another young Dominican girl, and some alcohol.
    Authorities say the TSA agent had sex with the two 15-year-old girls at the beach, and then took them to a hotel, where he had sex with them again. 
    The girls told authorities that they were then separated, and one of the girls was sexually assaulted by three Dominican men in another room. 
    The TSA agent then gave them $80, the complaint says.
    Officials arrested the agent Friday and say he initially denied having sex with the girls, but later admitted there was sexual activity with one of them but that he believed they were 16. 
    --Jonathan Dienst contributed to this story