1,000 Tickets Issued in Distracted Driving Crackdown - NBC New York

1,000 Tickets Issued in Distracted Driving Crackdown



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    Police in Suffolk County say 1,109 summonses were issued to drivers in a crackdown on distracted driving last week.

    The cell phone-related violations were caught in the period between July 31 and August 6.

    The initiative was meant to reinforce the new driving and texting law, which makes it illegal for any driver in New York State to hold an electronic device while behind the wheel, said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer.

    Previously, a driver could only be ticketed for texting if they were caught doing it in the course of another moving violation.

    Officers also issued more than 1,600 summonses for other vehicle and traffic law violations and arrested 78 people during last week's traffic stops.