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3 Stabbed on Subway Platform in Queens



    3 Stabbed on Subway Platform in Queens

    Three people were stabbed on a J train subway platform in Queens Monday afternoon.

    Police are looking for two suspects after the stabbing at Archer Avenue and Parsons Boulevard in Jamaica. 

    Police said the stabbings appear to be connected to a fight over an iPhone, but it's not clear who was attempting rob whom.

    Police say two people, 18 and 19, were stabbed in the stomach and one person, 17, was stabbed in the leg. None of the injuries is believed to be life-threatening.

    One of the victims returned to the scene with police and paramedics Monday evening, strapped sitting upright in a stretcher and face covered with a scarf. His mother accompanied him and when asked if the stabbing was over an iPhone, she only responded, "No. I don't know."

    Crimes involving the thefts of iPhones have soared since 2011, according to the NYPD. Subway rider Chuck Henley of Queens Village said he just bought an iPhone 5 for his son but doesn't allow him to bring it to school.

    "This is the reason why," he said, referring to the violent incident. "I was skeptical about even getting him a phone."

    Other commuters at Jamaica Station said they hide their phones in their bags or coat pockets. 

    "When I'm on the train, I push myself back and I'm looking around me because you can't trust anybody," said Maria Lopez.

    "We need to work to stop these kinds of things in our neighborhood," said Saywalah Kessely. "It's an everyday occurrence but we should stop."