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Subway Riders Beware: Transit Headache on Track for Weekend (Again)

C'mon, it's not like you're surprised



    Subway Riders Beware: Transit Headache on Track for Weekend (Again)
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    NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 23: A station agent sits in his booth in a New York City subway station on February 23, 2010 in New York, New York. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has announced that they plan to cut more than 1,000 jobs, including up to 500 station agents. The MTA employs around 70,000 workers and is currently facing a $383 million budget gap. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    At least the L will be running this weekend.

    But if your plans involve taking any of the other lines, particularly the yellow circle ones (N, R, Q), you may want to consider an alternate route. Yet again, the MTA plans to slash service -- and while it won't be as obtrusive, particularly for Brooklynites, as it was last weekend, the cuts will still be inconvenient.

    Users of the yellow line trains face the most egregious cuts, with track work, replacement and what the MTA calls "station rehabilitation" altering routes for N, Q and R riders. Given the intricate nature and substantial number of changes, you may want to check out the specifics (and your remaining options) on the MTA website. The changes start at 12:01 a.m. Saturday and last through 5 a.m. Monday.

    The No. 1 line will also be a mess, with no trains running in either direction between 242nd Street and 168th OR between Chambers Street and South Ferry due to construction. To alleviate the hassle to straphangers, the MTA plans to run free shuttle buses on Broadway between 242nd Street and 215th stations, then connection to the 207th Street A station; on St. Nicholas Avenue between 191st and 168th Street stations and in lower Manhattan between Chambers Street and South Ferry.

    Meanwhile, D train riders get a reprieve after having no service last weekend between Pacific Street and Manhattan.

    Check out the MTA's website for more on planned service changes and alternate routes.