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Staten Island Mom: "Lady Gaga is Holding My Daughter's Soul"

Grieving mom says superstar's style is a copy of her daughter's looks



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    Lady Gaga brings the bombast to MSG.

    Lady Gaga's celebrated unique style and artistic vision is actually a copy of a Staten Island teen who once collaborated with the international superstar before she took her own life, according to the teen's mom as told to the New York Post.

    Lady Gaga collaborated with Lina Morgana on about a dozen songs over about a one year period before Morgana, the daughter of Russian immigrants, committed suicide, the teen's grieving mother, Yana Morgana, told the Post.

    "I'm doing this because I want to keep her spirit alive," Yana, 41, told The Post. "Lady Gaga is holding Lina's soul, and I want her soul to be free."

    Yana Morgana wants Gaga to release the recording they made together -- and to acknowledge that Gaga's dark and stormy persona was greatly influenced by the visual look and stagecraft of her daughter.

    Lina Morgana and Lady Gaga are linked by a musical svengali who introduced the two in early 2007 in the hopes of pairing the songwriting of Gaga, then known as Stefani Germanotta, with the singing of Morgana, the Post reported.  Fusari sued Gaga for $35 million in March claiming that he helped launch her career and co-wrote her songs, but Gaga cut him loose as her career soared.

    Yana Morgana claims that Gaga came from a life or privilege and perhaps was influenced by the dark elements of her daughter's life to craft her stage look and syle.  Lina Morgana, 19, committed suicide in October of 2008 by leaping off the roof of a ten-story building in Staten Island, the Post reported.

    "Every other word she says is from Lina," Yana Morgana told the Post. "She talks about having a dark and tragic life, but she had everything she wanted in the world. She went to [the same] high school as Nicky Hilton, her parents were rich. But Lina did have a tough life, and she often talked about her tragic life," Yana said.

    Yana Morgana shared pictures and videos with the Post, which she says backs her claim that Gaga adopted the sexy and outlandish looks.  Lina Morgana's ex-boyfriend told the Post that he was dumbfounded the first time he saw one of Gaga's celebrated videos.

    "It was the same style, the same look, the same music, the same voice, the same jaw line -- the way they expressed themselves," said Schwab. "And I was like, 'Is that Lina?' It was so, so shocking. It was like looking at a ghost."

    A spokesman for Gaga's label Interscope Records declined to comment to the Post.  Fusari also declined comment through his manager.