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State Workers Plead Guilty to "Man Cave" Charges



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    The New York State Capitol building

    Two janitors have admitted using a secret hideaway to goof off and do drugs on the job in a state office complex next to the Capitol.

    Gary Pivoda and his supervisor, Louis Marciano, outfitted a room at the Empire State Plaza with couches and a television, then used the "man cave" to sleep and watch TV earlier this year.

    They told a judge Thursday they also used marijuana and cocaine — and Pivoda admitted dealing drugs. But drug charges were dropped in a plea bargain.

    Both pleaded guilty to defrauding the government. The 48-year-old Pivoda also pleaded guilty to grand larceny. They're banned from state employment and must pay restitution for hours not worked.

    Pivoda will spend a year in county jail. Marciano, who's 50, will get five years' probation and 250 hours community service.

    The NY Post got their hands on a secret video that was used by the Attorney General's office to coax the guilty pleas out of Pivoda and Marciano.

    The first part of the video, recorded by State Police investigators working with state Inspector General Joseph Fisch according to the Post, shows Pivoda and Marciano what looks like cocaine. The second shows them sharing a joint. The third shows them sleeping.