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Stalker Carves Qns. Woman's Heart Out in Gruesome Murder



    Stalker Carves Qns. Woman's Heart Out in Gruesome Murder
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    Cops are still searching for the whereabouts of a Queens woman's heart and lungs after her neighbor ripped them out of her body on Tuesday.

    Police charged Huang Chen with second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing and mutilating Quian Wu's body. Other charges include: tampering with physical evidence, first-degree stalking, and third degree criminal possession of a weapon. If convicted, Chen faces a 25 to life prison sentence.

    Chen 47, allegedly followed Wu, 46,  as she returned to her Flushing apartment with a gallon of milk, the Daily News reported. Chen then proceeded to bludgeon Wu with a hammer, then stabbed her countless times in the arms, torso, and face before carving out her heart and lungs, officials said.

    Approximately a half hour later, the building's surveillance cameras captured Chen returning to his apartment covered in blood, carrying a small yellow plastic bag containing the knife and hammer he used. Police later recovered a larger red bag filled with the yellow plastic bag and bloody jeans, sweater, and a rag.

    Wu's body was found at 7:30 p.m. outside a nearby apartment.

    According to the Queens District Attorney's Office, Wu filed a harassment report against Chen as recently as Jan. 18.

    In May 2006, Wu made a criminal court complaint against Chen for choking her with a rope, punching her in the face, and holding her at knife point in her own apartment. He pleaded guilty and spent 30 days in jail.

    The News said Chen, an undocumented Chinese immigrant, had a history of stalking and harassing Wu and was set to be deported  after being sent to El Paso Texas for proceedings, but was put on a supervised release.