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Someone Finally Draws the Line for NYC Tourists



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    Finally. Someone devised a way for fast-moving New Yorkers to sidestep dawdling tourists.

    A clever artist (or artists) split a sidewalk on 5th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Streets into two lanes. One is a fast lane marked "New Yorkers;" the other clearly delineates the slow path for tourists.

    You know them -- the ones who stop abruptly in the middle of the street to take five pictures of an obscure skyscraper you see every day going to and from work (it's not even a famous one, people!).

    Or the group of five who walks in a horizontal line across the sidewalk, leaving you the option to leap into the street amid a sea of blaring cabs or scuffle mournfully behind.

    No one knows who put down the lanes, but initial reports indicate they're getting mixed reviews. Some tourists want to walk in the fast lane, some New Yorkers want to take the scenic route – and some who commute between Coasts want to walk in the middle. 

    Others, in true New York fashion, don't care at all.

    "Real New Yorkers don't notice crap like this," Brooklyner Rolando Gilbride told the Daily News. "We don't look down when we walk. We look forward."