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Smile, You're on MTA Camera!

Cameras on the E train



    Smile, You're on MTA Camera!
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    Get ready for your close up on the E train...

    If you're a regular rider of the E train, get ready for your close up.

    Starting on Monday, four R160 cars of the subway line will be equipped with brand new security camera.

    They're part of a anti-terror and anti-crime pilot program that aims to get bad guy's pictures into a database.

    “Video camera systems have clearly been shown to help deter criminal activity on transit vehicles and we believe strongly that they can also be extremely valuable in investigating accident injury claims,” said NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast. 

    “But we must also acknowledge the potential threat of terrorist activity on public transportation vehicles and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) has been instrumental in helping with investigations in this area," he added.

    The cameras will not be monitored by a person, but will be recorded and could be used for police investigations. 

    Riders will be videotaped for a year before the MTA decides on whether to expand the program.

    “The CCTV System will be evaluated for its recording quality and car-to-car transmission of video signals within the subway environment,” said Steven Feil, Senior Vice President, Department of Subways. 

    “Upon successful completion of the testing and evaluation of the system, NYC Transit may consider implementing the CCTV System throughout the subway fleet," said Feil.



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