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Small is Huge When it Comes to the Favorite Dog Breeds in NY

Labs reign in the U.S, but not in NYC



    Small is Huge When it Comes to the Favorite Dog Breeds in NY
    Aldo Novo
    Humphrey and Contessa. Frenchies who call the West Side home.

    The Labrador Retriever remains the dog of choice for Americans for the 19th consecutive year, according to the American Kennel Club, which released its annual list of top breeds Wednesday.

     The German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terriers, and Golden Retrievers and Beagles round out the top five.

    But could this be the last year of the Lab’s reign?

    "Labs have been America’s top dog for nearly two decades due to their loyal and gentle nature," said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson. "But the German Shepherd Dog has gained ground recently, quite possibly due to the increased attention they receive for their security efforts at home and abroad. Hailed as the world’s leading police, guard and military dog, this energetic and fun-loving breed is a loyal family pet, ideal companion and dependable K-9 partner when duty calls."

    See the complete list here.

    We aren't sure if its because of the lack of space or because they are simply cuter, but New Yorkers have shown smaller is better when picking their four-legged friends.

    The Lab is the second most popular dog in the city. The Yorkshire Terrier is top dog here.

    Up two spots nationally from last year, is the French Bulldog. They are now the 24th most popular bread.

    The compact, stocky dogs are playful, alert and hilarious.

    “They make me laugh. They snore, they follow me everywhere, and just want to give you affection,” said Aldo Novo from the West Side. Novo and his partner own two Frenchies, Humphrey and Contessa, pictured here.

    But he warns about going out and getting a dog without first being prepared.

    "Having a dog is like having a baby. Be prepared for the responsibility but also know unconditional love awaits you,” said Novo.