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Family of Imette St. Guillen Settles Suit Against Feds



    Family of Imette St. Guillen Settles Suit Against Feds
    Imette St. Guillen

    The family of a graduate student murdered by a bar bouncer in 2006 has settled a lawsuit with the federal government.
    Imette St. Guillen's family settled the suit for a fraction of the $100 million they were suing for, accepting about $130,000, according to the New York Post.

    The suit claimed the federal government failed to keep tabs on Imette's murderer, Darryl Littlejohn, an ex-con who was supposed to be on supervised release.
    The St. Guillens in 2009 also sued the bar where Imette was last seen and Littlejohn was employed.  New York City bars are banned from employing convicted felons at the door.
    St. Guillen, 24, went to The Falls bar early on Feb. 24, 2006 and stayed past closing. Witnesses said she was asked to leave, and Littlejohn escorted her out.
    St. Guillen's body was found wrapped in a quilt along a desolate road in Brooklyn. She was bound and gagged and had been beaten and sexually assaulted before being asphyxiated.
    The bar was owned by the same family that ran Dorrian's Red Hand, the tavern where "preppie killer'' Robert Chambers met Jennifer Levin before strangling her during rough sex in the 1980s -- a connection Littlejohn's lawyers emphasized in his trial.
    Littlejohn's lawyer, Joyce David, claimed that bar manager Danny Dorrian framed Littlejohn in the slaying. Dorrian testified that he had nothing to do with St. Guillen's killing.
    St. Guillen was a graduate student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the time of her death.