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Skelos Won't Bring It On

Senate Republican refuses to box Malcolm Smith for charity



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    Bring it on.

    If you had a chance to take a shot at Senate President Malcolm Smith, would you do it?

    Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos (not so) respectfully declined.

    The Long Island politician turned down an invitation yesterday to face off against Smith, D-Queens, in a charity boxing match next month, reports the Daily News.

    "Sen. Smith must be punch-drunk," Skelos said in a statement. "Like every other New Yorker, my head is still spinning from all the Democrats' tax and spending hikes that hit us like an upper cut."


    Skelos' flat refusal let down members of Long Island's Fight for Charity, a group that has organized boxing matches to benefit those in need and donated more than $550,000 to local charities over the last four years, according to its website.

    Fight organizers first asked Smith to participate at a Democratic fund-raiser on Long Island this week and he said he'd have a go, reports the News. The Queens politician doesn't hold anything against Skelos for refusing to take part, a spokesman said.

    "It was all in good fun," spokesman Austin Shafran told the News. "We would prefer a verbal sparring match on the issues facing the state over any kind of physical altercation."

    The boxing event tends to draw more than 1,000 spectators each year. The annual event lets civic and business leaders face off in the ring in three-round matches.

    If you want to check out this year's main event, head to the Hilton in Melville.