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Six-Year-Old Saves Father from Drowning



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    With clear thinking and quick action she was able to save her father's life -- and she is only six years old.

    Thursday evening, police say, 36-year old Jason Hamilton of Warwick, New York dove head first from a dock into three feet of water in Greenwood Lake, knocking himself unconscious.

    That's when his six-year old daughter, Laila, sprang into action. She waded out into the lake and pulled her father to shore. She then ran to a nearby home for help.

    "She was a very little girl and the man was not a small man and she pulled him to the edge of the water," said neighbor Robert Veltidi.

    His wife Judy added, "I thought that was tremendous that she was able to do such a thing."

    Veltidi dialed 9-1-1 as he ran down to the beach, then performed CPR to revive Hamilton, who was not breathing.

    "She saved her father's life, without a doubt," he said.

    Warwick police say Hamilton fractured a vertebrae in his neck, but is expected to make a full recovery.