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@ShellySilver: Who Do You Think You Are?

A Twitter impostor--in the State Assembly!



    @ShellySilver: Who Do You Think You Are?
    An imposter twitter page for New York Assemblyman Sheldon Silver.

    Ever wonder what's going on in State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's head? Now you can follow him on Twitter -- well, at least someone pretending to be the Manhattan Assemblyman.

    The Twitter page -- handle: ShellySilver-- began on March 3rd with a tweet calling for Governor Paterson to "address the allegations as soon as possible."

    Thee second tweet, twenty minutes later, declared he didn't eat chicken.

    "No bird.  No way."

    The tweets that followed have been a mix of random and benign statements and retweets of stories by political reporters all across the state, all accompanied by imagined responses from the veteran politician.

    "A story of Albany dysfunction and disgrace... and I'm not in it!?" the Silver doppelganger tweeted on March 4th, after linking
    to a story by NY1's Josh Robin on "the last few sordid years" in New York politics.

    "Oy gevalt. Why isn't @streetsblog writing about Massa, Paterson or Monserrate? We don't need press like this" read a tweet on March 9th, linking to a story by Ben Fried about Albany borrowing transit taxes to fill in their own budget.

    Silver's spokesman Dan Weiler, however, told NBCNewYork that they've reported the page as an impostor to Twitter. He didn't know when it would be taken down.

    Whoever is behind the Twitter page is portraying the veteran politician as a sly yet corrupt ruler in Albany, and plays up Silver's connections to the powerful Working Families Party.

    "Well, since no one seems to be paying attention, I guess Dan Cantor and I can go ahead and start writing the 2010/11 budget" @ShellySilver posted on March 8th.  Cantor is the Executive Director of the WFP.

    The page also links to the website for personal injury lawyers Weitz & Luxenberg, where Silver serves as an attorney "of counsel" and has been under scrutiny in the past for not offering full disclosure on how much the firm pays him.

    ShellySilver's latest tweet calls for a "primary challenger" for New York Post columnist Fred Dicker, including a link to his latest piece. The headline? "Can't trust these bozos to fix the mess they created."