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Sheepshead Bay Accountant Stabbed to Death

Police say the woman was followed by a man she had argued with prior to the attack.



    Surveillance video of the suspect in the stabbing of an accountant, just before the incident Tuesday. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011)

    A 50-year-old accountant from Sheepshead Bay was stabbed to death in a brutal attack as she got out of her car early Tuesday, police said.

    The victim, identified as Larisa Komsky, had just parked her car near her Homecrest Avenue home at around 12:45 a.m. when a man leapt out from behind another vehicle and stabbed her, authorities said.

    Komsky, a single mother with an adult son who often worked late hours, staggered out of her car, blood pouring from her legs, before she fell to the ground and died.

    Police released a neighbor's surveillance camera footage Wednesday of the alleged killer on Homecrest Avenue waiting for Komsky to park her car. The suspect is seen lunging at her with a knife as she's getting out.

    "I only hear that they was screaming," another neighbor, Jasmine Dena, told NBC New York. "She was screaming. I get out, I see she run from the car to the wall, and after like two minutes, she fall down."

    Police said Komsky was stabbed twice in her legs and on her hand.

    Dena said Komsky said nothing to her when she approached. "When she went down, she wasn't moving," she said. "That's it, she stay there."

    Law-enforcement sources told the New York Post the woman had been seen arguing with a man who followed her to her home shortly before she was killed.

    But neighbors told NBC New York Wednesday they couldn't understand why anyone would want to harm her.

    "She was one of the friendlier neighbors we did have," said Nicole Rivera.