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Sexy Chat With Student Earns Teacher Pink Slip`

Teacher told student to give in to boyfriends request for sex



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    A suburban New York City teacher has been fired after using racy language while talking to two students about sex.

    A district superintendent said Josephine Isernia was fired from Pearl River High School on Friday for misconduct, negligence of duty and conduct unbecoming of a teacher. He says her chat with the students was "sexually explicit" and "inappropriate."

    An investigative report of the Jan. 8 chat said Isernia gave "dangerous advice" in telling one of the students to give in to her boyfriend's requests for sex. It characterized her words as "vulgar, obscene and disgusting."

    Isernia said from her Spring Valley home she was helping the girls after they reached out to her. She said she repeated some words only after one of the students used them.