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Sensitive NYPD Documents Found in Trash

Police brass downplay the importance of the documents



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    The web site Animal New York posted the NYPD documents that were found in a trash can.

    A blogger has posted a set of sensitive New York Police Department documents he says he found in a trash can outside a police station near Times Square.

    Police officials say the documents should've been disposed of more discreetly but didn't compromise security or pose any threat.

    The documents detailed the deployment of 20 officers. They included a Times Square map and instructions on how to do vehicle sweeps. The instructions detailed what officers should look for when inspecting vehicles, including missing identification numbers, strange odors and fresh body work.

    The documents were stamped "law enforcement sensitive."

    Blogger Bucky Turco, says he found them at the bottom of an otherwise empty garbage can Thursday. Some of the materials are dated Wednesday. Turco posted them Friday on his website

    The NYPD tried to play down the incident while acknowledging that top brass weren't pleased with the disposal method.

    "The document involved the deployment of 20 highly visible uniformed officers whose assignments were obvious to anyone with eyes in their head," Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne, the NYPD's top spokesman, told the Daily News. "Granted, we would have preferred it was disposed of more discreetly, but its discovery by a dumpster-diver posed no threat to the public or anyone else."