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Second Woman Charged in "Jihad Jane" Terror Case



    Second Woman Charged in "Jihad Jane" Terror Case
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    Another American woman has been arrested on charges of trying to provide material support to terrorists overseas.

    Jamie Paulin Ramirez, a U.S. citizen who once lived in Colorado, was taken into custody in Philadelphia after she allegedly had traveled through Europe with her son hoping to live and train with jihadists, federal prosecutors said.

    Ramirez left for Europe on Sept. 12 to meet up with Colleen LaRose also known as "Jihad Jane."  LaRose, of Pennsylvania, had already been charged on the terror-related charges.

    Ramirez was arrested Friday after voluntarily returning to the U.S., FBI officials said. Investigators say LaRose used the Internet to try to recruit men to carry out terror attacks in South Asia and Europe. LaRose and Ramirez allegedly tried to raise money for terror as well.

    In electronic messages, officials said LaRose wrote her appearence would  enable her "to blend in with many people" and will help her "achieve what is in my heart."

    LaRose and Ramirez exchanged email messages with LaRose allegedly proclaiming "I am a terrorist and proud to be this."  Ramirez allegedly wrote back,"That's right... if thats how they call it then so be it i am what i am."

    When Ramirez arrived in Europe, investigators said she married an Algerian man she had never met. Later, she was detained in Ireland in connection with an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist whose work had infuriated Muslim extremists.  

    Officials said there is no indication there was any specific terror plot inside the U.S. as a result of the alleged efforts of the women to travel to meet up with terrorists.

    LaRose has already pleaded not guilty.