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City Councilman Divorced Wife, But Didn't Tell Her

Seabrook did what?



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    City Councilman Larry Seabrook.

    It's one thing to be hush-hush about alleged money swindling, but divorcing your wife without telling her is something different entirely.

    The Daily News reported that BronxCity Councilman Larry Seabrook never told his ex-wife LaVerne Seabrook he filed for divorce from her in 1993. He apparently kept the separation secret for seven years.

    Although Seabrook, 58, and Laverne, 64, were legally split, the couple continued to live together, co-sign loans, and file joint-tax returns.

    The News said six weeks after the divorce papers were filed, an unassuming LaVerne agreed to co-sign a bank loan with Seabrook in order to buy a house near Albany while the governing body was in session.

    In 1996, Seabrook moved out of the couple's other residence, which was used as collateral and bank documents named them "married."

    The divorce was revealed to both LaVerne and the public as Seabrook was running for Senate in 2000.

    Seabrook was indicted on Tuesday for 13 counts of money laundering and fraud, where he plead not guilty to the charges and was released on $500,000 bond.