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4% Sales Tax on Clothing Returns to NY

Just in time for fall!



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    Save a lot of Benjamins during sales tax week.

    New York's 4 percent sales tax on clothing is back in full effect, just in time for the cold-weather shopping season.

    The state had previously enacted a temporary exemption on clothing costing less than $110, but the discount ended on Friday.

    The change caught some shoppers by surprise. Darlene Kennedy told WSYR-TV in Syracuse that she hadn't known the tax was going up.

    In the Bronx, 23-year-old Tirsi Siri told the New York Post that, as a single mother with bills to pay, the extra tax was an unwelcome surprise.

    New York City is still waiving its municipal tax on garments under $110.

    And shoppers will again get a break on the state's tax in April, but only for clothing and footwear items costing less than $55.