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SNL Kicks Paterson While He Is Down

The one state he won't go to next? New Jersey!



    SNL Kicks Paterson While He Is Down
    Fred Armisen as David Paterson

    Saturday Night Live skewered Governor David Paterson again last night, having been given plenty of fodder by this week's developments.

    Following the real announcement that he would suspend his election campaign, the fake Paterson, played by Fred Armisen, said he would further his career by looking to the next state with a governor addicted to prostitutes (a la Eliot Spitzer), become that man's lieutenant governor and start the cycle insanity all over again.

    Best line in the Weekend Update spoof from Armisen's Paterson: "Congratulations, New York Times, you snared the elusive David Paterson. Finding something wrong with my administration is like finding a needle in the needle store.  You found out I was a bad governor. Who tipped you off -- everyone?"

    Paterson also suggested that his future support of potential gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Cuomo would be the "Kiss of Death."

    Watch below, or on the NBC site: