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Ruth Madoff Takes on Charity Work in Florida: Report



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    Hey Ruth, show US the money!

    Ruth Madoff, wife of fallen financier Bernie Madoff, has been hiding out in Palm Beach County, Florida, where she has begun volunteering, a published report said today.

    Ruth is filling her hours driving around in a 14-year-old clunker, with a parking placard in the back seat that reads, "homebound delivery volunteer driver, TheNew York Post reported today.

    Madoff, who now often uses her maiden name Alpern, has been spurned by numerous New York co-op boards and landlords, who refused to sell or rent to her after she was booted by federal authorities from her luxury Upper East Side condo, the Post said.

    Ruth, who has said she knew nothing of her spouse's shady dealings, made a deal with the government to give up all but $2.5 million of her fortune, with the rest going to Madoff's victims.