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Runaway Horse Rescued After Falling Into Swimming Pool

Local authorities mount daring rescue



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    Jaime Wendt
    Mikey was one of three horses that escaped from the stable, but he was the only one to get stuck in the pool.

    Call it an equine emergency.

    Local authorities mounted a daring rescue effort after three horses escaped from a Long Island stable last night and one of them, Mikey, fell into a ice-covered in-ground pool nearby, police said.

    While officers and the horses' owner managed to corral the first two steeds, authorities found poor Mikey in a 7-foot deep backyard pool, trapped in frigid, icy water up to his neck.

    Quick-thinking Dix Hills cops and firefighters fashioned a harness out of a red firehose and managed to pull Mikey out of the pool just before 8 p.m., roughly 40 minutes after he fell in.

    Two firefighters were treated for hypothermia at Huntington Hospital and are listed in stable condition, police said.

    As for Mikey, his owner walked him back to the stable, apparently unharmed.