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Giuliani as Vice-Presidential Pick: He Says No, Ridicules Biden

He said Joe Biden looked like a puppet during Obama speech.



    Giuliani: I Wouldn't Want To Be Biden

    The former mayor of New York City doesn't want to be Vice-President--especially with all the head nodding current VP does behind Obama. (Published Friday, Sept. 9, 2011)

    Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani insists he doesn't want to be a vice-presidential pick on a GOP ticket in 2012, suggesting that Vice President Joe Biden looked like a puppet during President Obama's jobs speech.

    In an interview with NBC New York Friday, the one-time Republican presidential candidate said the no. 2 job is not for him.

    "I think Biden must have a sore neck by now," Giuliani said. "He was shaking his head so much it looked like he was on a string. It would be hard to sit there and shake your head all the time."

    Biden has also had harsh things to say about Giuliani. During a Democratic presidential debate in 2007, when Biden was a candidate, he said Giuliani is "the most underqualified man since George W. Bush to seek the presidency."

    "There's only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, a verb and 9/11," Biden said.

    When pressed by NBC New York on Friday about reports that he would consider joining a Rick Perry ticket, Giuliani said he is not.

    "I'm not considering the no. 2 spot," he said. "That's not something that I feel real comfortable with."

    Giuliani left office at the end of 2001 after gaining a national reputation for his leadership of New York City during the 9/11 terror attack.

    He ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, but his campaign flamed out after he staked everything on winning the Florida primary.