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Rooster Gets Away in Wild NYC Park Chase



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    Park ranger tries to capture a rooster at Fort Tryon Park Sunday.

    It took two park rangers and a passing MTA worker to catch a running chicken in an upper Manhattan park Sunday.

    The rogue hen was being chased alongside a rooster, which was able to get away.

    The chase happened at Fort Tryon Park, which frequently sees roosters and chickens, park rangers told DNAInfo.

    Locals have reported wild rooster sightings near the dog run for weeks, said DNAInfo.

    But Sunday's chase subject was too wily for capture.

    "He's crazy," one of the park rangers said of the rooster, which flew into a ramble after being chased by the men with a net. "This is the third time we've tried to catch him, but he's too fast."

    MTA conductor Trevor Parkins happened to be walking by Sunday when he came upon the chase. "It was like watching an episode of Roosters Gone Wild," he observed.

    The three men were confident the rooster would be caught eventually. "We got his wife, so who knows, maybe he'll give up soon," said one of the park rangers. "We'll be back."

    The hen was to be transported to Animal Care and Control, where she will stay until moved to a haven for rescued animals likely outside of the city, said DNAInfo.