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Red Sky Dazzles Manhattan

Our forecaster explains why



    Red Sky Dazzles Manhattan

    Why the red sky?

    Manhattanites could have been asking that question Monday night when a breatakingly beautiful sunset carpeted the Midtown sky in a warm red.

    "We saw a red sky because of the angle of the sun at sunset," said NBCNewYork Meterologist Raphael Miranda.  "It's caused when light travels through a thick layer of the atmosphere, so the blues and violets are scattered out and what we're left with is the red."

    Miranda says this red sky usually happens when clouds high in the sky obscure the sun or when there is a lot of dust or pollution in the atmosphere.

    Much folklore has surrounded this red sky phenomenon, especially this famous rhyme: "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in morn, sailors take warn."