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Rangel Is Ready to Start Campaigning



    Rangel Defends Himself on the House Floor

    HarlemCongressman Charlie Rangel took to the House of Representatives' floor on Tuesday to lash out at the Ethics Committee's handling of the probe into his alleged violations. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010)

    Rep. Charles Rangel says he's ready to start campaigning for re-election.

    Rangel spoke Thursday, a day after supporters gathered at his packed birthday party fundraiser.

    The embattled 20-year House veteran said he was ready to stop discussing the ethics allegation pending against him. He says he's going to turn his attention back to his Harlem district.

    Rangel is seeking his 20th term. The state's primary is Sept. 14.

    Rangel said he doesn't think his challengers are qualified to represent the district.

    The rivals include Adam Clayton Powell IV. In 1970, Rangel defeated his father, the legendary Rep. Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

    Rangel is facing 13 counts of wrongdoing, including providing official favors in return for donations, hiding income and assets, and failing to pay taxes.  Expulsion would be the harshest penalty.