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Queens Kindergartner Roams School After Enrollment Fight



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    A cute-as-a-button kindergartner was left roaming the halls of his Queens school after attempts to prevent overcrowding left the five-year-old without a classroom, according to a published report.

    The school apparently refused to enroll Hector Ramasammy -- but his mom allegedly dropped him off at the school any way, the New York Daily Newsreported.

    School officials even called the Administration of Children's Services on Hector's mom for allegedly abandoning him -- then they agreed to enroll him in the school, the newspaper reports.

    "They have me walking around the hallway. They have me walking, Mommy," Hector, 5, told his mother, Nadia Ramsammy, 40, of Jamaica.

    Education Department officials finally intervened and Hector was enrolled last week, but he still wasn't placed in a regular classroom with his peers, the newspaper said. Instead, he sat all day with a teacher and then at  lunch he walked the halls instead of sitting in the lunchroom.

    Hector's mom says his two older siblings attend the school -- and that he should have had priority for admission based on this.  She blames the school's principal, Delores Reid Barker, for the standoff.

    "It doesn't seem fair. [The principal]'s trying to victimize me," Ramsammy told the paper.  The News says she was reported to ACS last year by a school official for her other child's chronic absences due to illness, but documents show the case was not substantiated.

    The school has not yet issued a statement.