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Python Snake Brought to NYC Shelter After Irene



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    A 7-foot taken into the AC&C Brooklyn shelter after Irene.

    People weren't the only ones looking for cover during Tropical Storm Irene: pets had to be taken in at animal shelters across the city as the threat of Irene quickly approached.

    Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C) said it's still taking in animals in response to Irene and now has staff working around the clock to care for them. There are over 1,000 animals in both the Brooklyn and Manhattan shelters -- some already there, some as a result of the disaster, said AC&C spokesman Richard Gentles.

    One unusual animal brought into AC&C's Brooklyn shelter: a seven-foot python snake. The 2-year-old snake was brought to the shelter by police, said Gentles. It was illegally owned and is expected to go to a licensed rehabilitator.

    Gentles said he hoped the other animals will be reunited with their owners. Strays will be evaluated to ensure they are medically and behaviorally suitable for adoption.

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