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"Precious'" Mom No Longer Underground

The underground star is not so underground anymore.



    The America's Got TalentNYC Subway Singer won't stop her local performances. (Published Wednesday, July 7, 2010)

    Start on the Subway, finish at Hollywood.

    That’s the route Alice Tan Ridley is taking. The mother of Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe has moved on to the next level on NBC's top rated summer series "America’s Got Talent."
    When asked what she did for a living, Ridley responded she was a singer. She was of course referring to the fame she received singing across New York City’s subway lines.
    “My daughter is a big star, but I’m still pursuing my dream…which is become a great singer,” she said at her audition in June. The show came to New York City, where the Subway Star rocked out to Etta James’ “At Last.”
    Ridley is now on her way to Hollywood after Piers Morgan said she had the best audition of the day, and Sharon Osbourne asked her “how come nobody signed [her].”
    The potential success, however, isn’t stopping the dedicated 58-year old from continuing her subway performances.
    According to her schedule posted on her site, Ridley will be at the Union Square 14th Street station July 9th at 7pm for the usual.