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Police Hunting for Thugs who Killed Laundry Worker

Hoping videotape leads to killers in Brooklyn



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    FBI agents and Connecticut State Police have surrounded a semitrailer that may be carrying explosives in Branford, CT.

    Detectives are hoping that security footage leads them to ski-masked thugs who gunned down a lone Brooklyn laundromat worker as he was taking out the garbage, police said Wednesday.

    As he lay dying, Yevgeniy Shamray called his family instead of 911, mistakenly thinking that the robbers had shot him with a BB gun instead of the .380 handgun they brandished in their botched heist late Monday night, said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

    "There's no video at the store, but there's some in the neighborhood," Kelly said.  "We see two males fleeing the location.  We will be attempting to enhance that tape today."

    The robbers escaped with just $100 that  Shamray, 45, had been carrying in his fanny pack but nothing from the Crown Heights laundry where the Russian immigrant had been relieved to recently find work after a long job search , his family said.

    His wife immediately called 911 after hearing from him, but she gave dispatchers the wrong address to the Yellow & Brown Laundromat on Troy Avenue, officials said.  That mistake apparently led to a delay in getting him help:  shot  about 11:15 p.m.,  EMS was notified only at 11:56 and arrived eight minutes later, said Kelly.

    By that time, passersby were already in the laundry, giving first aid to Shamray -- but it was too late. Shot in his left leg and torso, the husband and father died on the way to Kings County Hospital.