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Police Say 'Moustache Man' Arrested in NYC



    Police Say 'Moustache Man' Arrested in NYC

    Police say they have nabbed a man who wrote the word "Moustache" in black permanent marker on hundreds of posters throughout the New York City subway system.

    Joseph Waldo was arrested on charges including felony criminal mischief and possession of a graffiti instrument.

    There was no phone listing for the 26-year-old man at a Manhattan address provided by police.

    Waldo is accused of drawing the word "Moustache" in flamboyant cursive on the upper-lips of people depicted on movie and television posters in the subway system.

    Police say officers spent two months documenting posters vandalized by the so-called "Moustache Man."

    Graffiti websites also have been tracking the work.

    Responding to news of the arrest, Subway Art Blog criticized police for spending time and money tracking down "street artists."