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Cop’s Stray Bullet Zips Into Brooklyn Apartment, Just Misses Mom, Baby



    A stray bullet flew through a window in a Brooklyn Heights family's home, narrowly missing mothers and young children inside -- and the bullet came from a police officer's gun. John Noel reports from Brooklyn Heights. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011)

    A police officer's stray bullet soared into a Brooklyn apartment where a mother and her 4-month-old daughter were enjoying a playdate with other parents and children, whizzing above a woman's head before tearing into a wall.

    No one was hurt when the cop’s bullet shot through the window, but the close call was a scare for schoolteacher Holly Morrison.

    “I was sitting on the couch with other moms and their babies when a bullet came through the window, above my head,” the 31-year-old Morrison told the Daily News. “It whizzed by my head and tore into the wall. There were little pieces of glass in my hair and plaster all over.”

    “He could have killed us. Two feet lower and it would have killed me,” she added.

    The police officer fired the shot while trying to corral a man behind the wheel of a stolen car that had become lodged between an ice truck and a film trailer near Morrison’s Atlantic Avenue apartment, reports the News.

    Officers tried to order the man out of the vehicle, but he kept trying to maneuver his way out of the spot, police told the News.

    One cop pounded his gun on the roof of the stolen vehicle as the man tried to drive off again and the gun went off, according to the paper.

    The suspect managed to elude police and remains on the run.