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Police Probe Chaos at Free Concert That Wasn't

Why were there rowdy crowds at South Street Seaport?



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    @hansonbrasil tweeted this pic of the action unfolding at the South Street Seaport before the free Drake/Hanson concert got canceled, much to the disappointment of the fans.

    After the concert that was supposed to begin a series to kick off the summer was canceled, police are looking into why the Drake and Hanson event got so out of hand.

    The rowdy scene at South Street Seaport Tuesday night led to two arrests and several injuries, according to the New York Times.

    The concert space holds 10,000 people but some estimates say near 20,000 fans actually showed up. Witnesses told NBCNewYork that fans began to climb roofs, toss bottles and throw chairs when the concert didn’t begin on time. 

    Police tried to keep order amid the chaos but had little success. When organizers lost control, criticism of the promoters began. Police Commisioner Ray Kelly plans on looking into how the event was promoted. At a news conference Wednesday, he called the security force at the Seaport insufficient.

    The concert would have been the first of a series sponsored by Paper Magazine, The Seaport, and Ray-Ban.

    A spokesperson for the Seaport released a statement Tuesday night saying: “While the South Street Seaport and Paper Magazine were looking forward to a great kick-off concert for the summer season,  our primary concern is always the safety of our guests.  Unfortunately, by the announced showtime, both the Seaport management and NYPD estimated that the on-site crowd had greatly exceeded this safe capacity, was still rising, and the show could no longer be presented in a safe atmosphere.  By 7:00PM, a decision was made in consultation with the police to cancel the event in order to foster the safe dispersal of the over-capacity crowd.”