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Serial Tri-State Bank Robber May Have Struck Again: Police

Police are searching for a serial robber who's hit banks in Greenwich, Fairfield, New Jersey and New York.



    Police in New Jersey said the the man who brought Metro-North trains to a halt after robbing a bank in Greenwich, Conn., last month also hit a bank in Linden. Brian Thompson reports. (Published Friday, Sept. 6, 2013)

    A man dubbed by police as the "commuter bank robber" may have struck again, this time at two more banks in southwestern Connecticut Thursday afternoon.

    The banks  a Bank of America and a Chase bank about two miles from one another in Fairfield – were robbed about 20 minutes apart. Initially, police thought two men robbed the banks but now think one suspect is to blame – the same suspect who also hit three other banks across the tri-state recently.

    The robber also hit banks in Greenwich, Conn. and in Linden and Wood Ridge, N.J., police said. He has also been implicated in at least one robbery in New York. Investigators in Fairfield are talking to police in those areas and the FBI is trying to track the suspect down.

    "Within minutes of the bank robbery occurring, our detectives were on the phone with Greenwich," said Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara. "They're on the phone with the FBI."

    Search for Armed Bank Robber Sparks Metro-North Scare

    [NY] Search for Armed Bank Robber Sparks Metro-North Scare
    Police stopped trains at a Connecticut Metro-North station at the height of the evening rush Wednesday as they searched for an armed robber who'd held up a nearby bank. Checkey Beckford reports.
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013)

    Police said they believe the robber doesn't live in Connecticut and are asking for help in identifying him.

    "We're really looking for the people in lower Fairfield County, New York and maybe even into New Jersey," MacNamara said. "We're still checking that out; they're the people we need to look at these photos."

    In each of the four robberies, the man told tellers he had a weapon, but never showed one. And no one was injured in any of the robberies. 

    The man changed clothes between the robberies in Fairfield Thursday. He also wore different outfits for robberies in Greenwich and Linden, on separate days in August. 

    Police in Fairfield shut down two Metro-North stations hunting for the man Thursday. Police also stopped trains and closed the Greenwich station while unsuccessfully searching for the robber Aug. 29.

    Police in Fairfield said they're still trying to figure out if the robber worked alone or had help.

    "We're looking for individuals to really look back and think a half-hour, hour before they were in the area, is there anything that caught their eye, any vehicles, any people?" MacNamara said.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact police. There's already a $2,000 reward from the CT Bankers Reward Association for information leading to his arrest.

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