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Pitbulls Maul Woman, Run Rampant in NJ Apartment

"It looked like Jaws"



    Pitbulls Maul Woman, Run Rampant in NJ Apartment
    1 Independence Court in Hoboken, NJ

    Everyone who witnessed the vicious mauling was traumatized, from people who live at 1 Independence Court in Hoboken to hardened police officers.

    It was a little before midnight on Thursday, when police got the call.  When they arrived, one pitbull was running through the hallway of the apartment building, and another was inside an apartment still mauling a woman.

    “By the time they got into the window right there, she had been mauled for at least 5-10 minutes and the dog was still mauling her,” said a shaken Paul Michel, who lives next door.

    Police shot that pitbull dead, and the second one died in the process of catching and tranquilizing it.

    In total, three people were attacked.  There were two women and a man (the man is believed to be the owner of the dogs). 

    The one woman, who was trapped with the dog, got the worst of the attack.

    “We’re talking the entire leg, it looked like Jaws,” Michel explained. 

    All of the victims had ties to the ground floor upscale apartment, which is only a stones throw from Hoboken’s waterfront.

    There are a lot of dog owners who live in the neighborhood. All of them who knew these pitbulls told us, the dogs were aggressive and they were not surprised by the attack.

    The official cause of the attack is still under investigation by Hoboken’s Police Department.